More than 30 attorneys are on staff to help prosecute cases under the direction of Solicitor-General Donna Coleman-Stribling. 25 attorneys are assigned to the approximately 13,000 misdemeanor cases tried in DeKalb County each year.  Fourteen of these prosecutors are assigned to the Trial Line, and they handle a wide variety of cases assigned to the seven divisions of State Court.  The Solicitor-General’s Office has an additional five attorneys who handle approximately 130,000 traffic citations per year in the Non-Jury Division of State Court

The Solicitor-General’s Quality of Life Unit, created in 2017, is dedicated to addressing quality of life issues that impact DeKalb County citizens. The Quality of Life Unit works closely with DeKalb County’s regulatory agencies dedicated to assessing and resolving residential and commercial quality of life problems. The new unit is comprised of two prosecutors, an investigator and a legal assistant. The division is responsible for the prosecution of all cases involving code violations, blight, nuisance and other issues that may plague a community or business in DeKalb County.

Attorneys assigned to the Special Victims Unit handle cases in which victims may be vulnerable due to situations such as domestic violence. A victim-witness advocate is assigned to each victim and/or witness to help guide him or her through the legal process and recommend community resources which are available to help them.

Additional attorneys are assigned to the Diversion Unit which allows eligible defendants with little to no criminal history the option of alternatives to serving jail time or paying fines.