In 2017, DeKalb Solicitor-General Donna Coleman-Stribling formed a new unit dedicated to addressing quality of life issues that impact DeKalb County citizens.

The Quality of Life Unit works closely with DeKalb County’s regulatory agencies dedicated to assessing and resolving residential and commercial quality of life problems.

The unit is comprised of two prosecutors, an investigator and a legal assistant. The division is responsible for the prosecution of all cases involving code violations, blight, nuisance and other issues that may plague a community or business in DeKalb County.

These cases go a long way to making DeKalb safer because they disrupt criminal activity and force criminals to find a new place to do “business.” Law-abiding citizens enjoy a better quality of life and improved property values. It is a multi-pronged effort involving police, prosecutors and the community working together so that the more than 700,000 citizens living in DeKalb can enjoy the quality of life they deserve and want despite these trying economic times.

If you have a nuisance problem in your community and need to report an issue, please contact DeKalb County Code Enforcement at 404-587-3700 or log on to the  Code Enforcement Website.

If you have a question for the Quality of Life Unit, you can reach the unit by phone at 404-371-2201 or email