Improving the quality of life for DeKalb residents is rooted in prosecuting crime and deterring crime through community prosecution − a nationally-proven method that uses a proactive, integrated, solutions-based and grassroots approach to combat quality-of-life crimes in targeted areas through partnerships among the community, police and prosecutors.

The Solicitor-General community prosecutors work with neighborhood residents, community organizations, service providers, the faith community and police to identify public safety problems and to promote long-term solutions to quality-of-life issues vexing DeKalb communities. These quality-of-life issues can include graffiti, vandalism, trespassing, disorderly conduct, drug solicitation, prostitution, and aggressive panhandling. Other issues can include an absentee landlord who allows a tenant to sell beer, cigarettes, drugs or sex from his or her apartment as well as be the landlord who turns a blind eye to the tenant operating an unlicensed bar, dance club or “massage” parlor from a commercial space. Or, it can be the persistent presence of criminal activity in a private or public space.

Deputy Chief of the Special Victims Unit and Community Outreach Dionne McGee oversees the program. Dedicated to finding real solutions to crime problems in our neighborhoods. Our prosecutors attend countless homeowner and community association meetings and participate in numerous community events. Additionally, our community prosecutors identify repeat offenders who may be affecting the quality of life of their communities.

To reach one of our community prosecutors, please contact the Solicitor-General’s Office at (404) 371-2201 or email

If you are interested in requesting a speaker at your community event, please fill out and  return to Deputy Chief SVU/Community Prosecution Shari Jones:  SPEAKER REQUEST FORM.