Misdemeanor Diversion (MD)

The DeKalb Solicitor-General’s Office offers a Misdemeanor Diversion (MD) program to eligible individuals with little to no prior criminal history facing certain types of charges.  The program provides opportunities for defendants to give back to the community and receive counseling to address criminal behavior designed to prevent further involvement in the criminal justice system.

If you decide to participate in MD and you successfully complete the terms of your particular MD agreement, your charges will be dismissed. You may be asked to complete community service at a non-profit organization, attend a class appropriate to underlying issues of your charge, complete a substance abuse evaluation, pay restitution, etc.

MD is a strictly voluntary program, and no one is required to participate.  If you decide not to take part in MD, your case will simply be returned to the trial division for prosecution.

Other Diversion and Community Alternative Programs include: