Domestic Violence Pre-Trial Intervention (DV PTI)

The Domestic Violence Pre-Trial Intervention Initiative (DV PTI) is a diversion program that gives selected defendants of domestic violence offenses the opportunity to learn alternatives to violence.  The initiative strengthens families by allowing defendants, through counseling, to learn how to stop the cycle of domestic violence. The Office of the Solicitor-General’s Pre-Trial Intervention Program requires the defendant to volunteer to attend and complete weekly family violence intervention classes or anger management education classes. Other conditions may be imposed as well, and the defendant’s progress in the program is closely monitored.  If the defendant successfully completes the program without committing any further acts of violence or any other crimes, no criminal charges will be filed.  Victims are afforded the opportunity to voice opposition to the offer of Pre-Trial Intervention to a defendant, and, if they do so, the opposition will be considered.  If the offer of Pre-Trial intervention is rejected by the defendant or if the defendant does not successfully complete the program, the matter will be investigated for the formal filing of criminal charges.

Other Diversion and Community Alternative Programs include: