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This Office believes in effective and efficient prosecution of misdemeanors and code violations. Prosecuting crime is a team effort that includes prosecutors, investigators, victim-witness advocates, and legal aids, each of whom contributes to the process of making certain the appropriate outcome is reached in every case.

  • Attorneys evaluate cases to determine the best resolution. Some cases are resolved through a diversion program, a jury trial, bench trial or plea. More than 30 attorneys work under the Solicitor-General’s direction with most assigned to handling more than 12,000 misdemeanor cases in DeKalb County State Court each year. Seven additional attorneys are assigned to work 130,000 or more traffic citations that go through
    the non-jury division of State Court each year.
  • Investigators use police authority to seek evidence in support of accusations, help locate and get witnesses to court, offer testimony as needed, and provide security for victims, witnesses and office personnel.
  • Victim-witness advocates act as liaisons between the prosecutorial team and victims or witnesses. These professionals help guide victims through the legal process and recommend community resources and assistance available to help them. Advocates also alert subpoenaed witnesses and victims of court dates.
  • Legal assistants, records clerks and other clerical staff help maintain all appropriate documents associated with each criminal case.